Monday, July 4, 2011

3 days at the Races

Anne Marie and Dianna had a ball at the Pacific NW Historics Auto Races this weekend.    Mother Nature finally smiled upon the Seattle area and we had our first 80 degree day this summer.  Anne Marie and Dad crossed over to the back side of the track to see the "big bore" pre-70's cars negotiate the hills and curves; Bob came back shaking his head and wishing he still had "his" car from the late 60's.

When one of the ladies in charge of running the event found that Anne Marie is a classically trained lyrical soprano, she requested a song.  Thus, our little songbird "auditioned" with an a capella rendition of "Danny Boy" for the organizers.  She has volunteered to sing the American and Canadian national anthems at the beginning of each day's races next year as her donation to this fun charitable event that benefits low income families that need the services of Seattle Children's Hospital.

"Yikes, too fast!  Slow down, slow down..."
 (Race photo by Anne Marie Gibson)
Good thing we had a breeze here and there, no one from this area was accustomed to anything over 50 degrees the last two months.  However, we did wish those banners would have fluttered just a little bit more.

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