Sunday, July 10, 2011

Martagon Lilies in shade

Lilium martagon and their hybrids do not require full sun to be remarkable in your garden.  Bulbs will grow in gardens with full sun and no shade whatsoever, but also in quite a bit of bright shade such as under trees like in the photo shown above. 
The plant shown above needs a bit of fertilizer because the leaves look a bit too pale in this section of garden which has not been fertilized for several years, and is rather overgrown.  Under the tall Rhododendrons they only receive a bit of morning direct light (most spring days anyway in the Pacific NW) and are in deep shade the rest of the day, so the plants tend to lean.  At the edge of woods you can expect some losses from rodents, bunnies or deer nibbling the buds.  Be sensible, put your bulbs into underground wire cages for rodents and tunneling moles; use rabbit and deer repellent - and most important, please add a planting stake with the name so you know not to step on the emerging sprout or accidentally weed in the wrong place.  Don't be afraid to experiment, you can always safely move these lily bulbs the following year after all the foliage has died back and temperatures have cooled.  They resent being disturbed too frequently so do not move the bulbs until after the second year of growth.

 Martagon Lily in same bed, go to Martagon Lily Page on our website.

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