Saturday, January 14, 2012

Latest Lily Survey Results - Spring or Fall Planting?

In 2011 we began a offering short survey asking for customer feedback.  The result has been quite positive and since some of the comments may help new gardeners, we have elected to begin recording the results on our blog as well.

December 2011 Results

This question had to do with Spring  planting vs. Fall planting.

59.4% said they like to plant both in Spring and in Fall, 25% fall only.  Asking about fall delivery only, 87.5% the bulbs arrived for planting without any difficulty most years and 12.5% of the respondents said they had some frost but the soil was still workable.

 “I love digging in the dirt as soon as the ground is not frozen and snow has melted. [Spring planting] Fall, I am taking a chance as to when the weather turns so cold I can't work outside.”

“Well honestly, I live on the coast, RIGHT on the coast. It never gets Really hot, not over 76 in the dead of summer. And it never Really freezes. There might be frost on the ground in the morning, maybe 12 to 15 days a year. But the ground is NEVER frozen solid! [but] It seems like it's always a rainy day when my bulbs arrive. Thanks for asking!! Customer service is nice , but GREAT customer service is GREAT!!”

“Some years, I have more time and energy for fall plantings, but spring is a good time to spot gaps in my lily beds -- or to add more to a too-boring perennial bed. And sadly, sometimes my budget determines when I order lilies!”

“... it gives me the option to add or change my landscaping without making major changes.” [planting both seasons]

The next Newsletter is due to send next Tuesday, January 17th and the Survey will have to do with Organic Gardening.


  1. my garden is so intensly planted that I always seem to slice something when planting in fall. If I wait till everything is up, I don't injure anything.

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  3. Dear Angela, thank you for your encouraging comment. We try to stay as close to target as possible, reflecting topics that have interested our gardening friends over the last 30+ years, with information that does not know geographical/climate boundaries - and doesn't require reading a dozen books to glean out a bit of information here and there.

    Usually our stories, growing tips and more intense descriptions of the lilies are related at the flower and garden shows while we are helping customers choose bulbs - so I'm really glad our Daughter, Anne Marie, insisted that we start this blog last year. The survey results have been real eye openers. Some of the comments have been solutions that we hadn't discovered, so they are very worthy of sharing. The response just above you regarding spring planting is a gem - something I hadn't given any thought to with a tightly planted garden - and yet I've accidentally dug out Trilliums and other minor bulbs myself during early spring planting. - Dianna