Friday, November 30, 2012

Lily bulbs are tucked away for winter.

Bulblets can be left attached or planted separately.
Our midwinter harvest has been completed and bulb selections for the spring 2013 catalog are being being tucked into the coolers for winter.  To keep the lilies in pristine condition through the end of shipping in May, bulbs are packed into slightly damp peat and the coolers are slowly dropped down to where the surrounding peat is frozen solid.

Lily bulbs that are reserved for the early Flower & Garden or Home & Garden Shows are kept on a natural cycle, meaning they can go into your garden whenever the soil is not frozen. (Yes, you still need to water newly planted bulbs - to settle the soil - even if Mother Nature has been generous with the rainfall.)  For bulbs still left in inventory, we can safely ship until about the first half of December, while the weather cooperates.  Just before Christmas the spring catalog will be uploaded to the website and order buttons will be made active for spring delivery.

Last Christmas Sale of the Season - "It's a Wonderful Life in Fife"

Rare Alder Bowl with live edge

"Sourgum" Acrylic on gallery canvas
B&D Lilies will be at the Poodle Dog Restaurant, in Fife, WA -  one day only - December 18th for a very special event.  Karolyn Grimes, the child actress who played "Zuzu" in the Jimmy Stewart classic film will be the featured speaker at this unique Christmas Sale + Dinner + Film Showing.  The door opens at 8AM for early shoppers ($10) or at 10AM for only $3, if you bring two cans of food for Northwest Harvest.

Dianna will have Northwest Jewelry, the Silk Vietnamese Lanterns, her artwork and Bob's wood turnings, as well as at least a dozen varieties of lily bulbs to plant now.

Stop by on the 19th, its an easy exit off I-5
in Fife (first exit coming from Seattle, last if heading north from Tacoma).  Go west over the freeway and the Poodle Dog will be across the street.  Click on the link for more information.

"It's a Wonderful Life in Fife"