Saturday, November 26, 2011

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'Flashpoint' OT

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Amaryllis Planting Instructions

No more than 1 inch of space between bulb & pot side
This is the season for planting Amaryllis (Christmas Lilies) bulbs that are coming into the stores for winter forcing and for shipping as gifts.

Use a good brand of potting soil in a container that measures about two inches wider than your Amaryllis, so there is an inch of soil surrounding the large bulb.  Your pot needs to have drainage holes to avoid over watering.  Potting soil must not have “added fertilizer” (read the label) because the bulb already has everything it needs to bloom this season.  Avoid any product with high nitrogen fertilizer or you will have wonderful leaves, but no flowers the following year. 

Gently spread out roots and plant so that top 1/3 of bulb is above ground.  Water after planting - but do not water again until leaves emerge, and then only sparingly or bulb may rot.  Keep in well-lit area so the plants can photosynthesize, but for good growth they are not so picky as to need your already plant-stuffed south facing windows.  Households that keep the living areas around 65 degrees will slow the development of the flowering buds, but they will grow faster should your home consistently be in the 70's day and night.  If stems are growing too fast, move to a cooler room but still provide bright light.  If you need to "hurry" them up for Christmas, move the pots to a warmer room.

Stems grow rapidly
Heavy blooms may need support on these large bulbs.  Do not become alarmed should the stems be leaning one direction in the morning and the opposite way in the evening, simply keep rotating the pot to straighten them out or gently tie stems to a dowel planted at the side of the pot. 
A festive way to support Amaryllis stems.
Dianna's favorite method is to place two or three pots together on a tray and intertwine a wide soft ribbon (tied in a fancy bow) loosely around all  the stems.   As they grow upward, gently move the ribbons higher to allow the stems to support one another.  If late growing stems begin to shoot up as well, don't be afraid to add more ribbons, but keep them loose enough so as to not hinder growth.

During flowering, increase water moderately.  Move outdoors in late May or when danger of frost is over.  (USDA Plant Zone 9 or 10 - you can simply plant in pots or the garden outdoors for year round growth.)

In August or early September, stop watering.  Cut back the leaves in October or before light frost.  Bring the pots indoors and replace 1/2 of the soil with fresh potting mix, adding 1 teaspoon of granulated balanced fertilizer (5-10-10 or similar).  Allow the bulbs to rest indoors without water.  Then, when growth begins anew, water ­ and put in sunny window to repeat the cycle.   • Origin: South America •