About Us

B&D Lilies is a family owned and operated farm in Northwest Washington State for more than 30 years, specializing in garden-tested Oriental, Trumpet, and Asiatic bulbs, selected for soil and weather conditions across the country.   Our children, plus a host of neighbors, have planted, weeded, harvested, packed and shipped lily bulbs all across North America since 1978. All of our bulbs are grown here in the Pacific Northwest, where hybridizing of the modern garden lily began. Hybridizers such as LeVern Friemann, Leslie Woodriff, and Jan de Graaff pioneered the breakthrough in easy to grow hybrids many years ago.  As lilies gained in popularity, the cut flower marketers began to select bulbs that did well in greenhouses, were of uniform stem size, and packed easily in cut flower boxes; fulfilling consumer's desires for lilies in floral arrangements. 

Mission of this Blog:  
  • As home gardeners discovered the modern lily bulb was easy to grow, many of these cut flower types also made their way into commerce; some were very good, but others simply marginal when exposed to the rigors of the varying American landscape. 
  • Sadly, there is little valid information in the garden center, home building store or the mass marketing, "offer it all" catalogs to help people choose the correct lily for their personal location and misinformation does happen even in publications with the best of intentions.  
  • With first hand garden reviews, helpful tips on cultivation and an extensive Knowledge Base of Lilium Species that no one else has come close to matching, we are pleased to be able to provide useful information without cost to as many gardeners worldwide as possible.   
  • Use of Materials: Although our images and articles are protected by copyright laws, we encourage linking and referencing the information provided by us to other blogs, websites and in printed materials - providing permission be granted by us first in all instances - which includes a review of the venue requesting the material - and that B&D Lilies is given appropriate credits.
About Dianna & Anne - Blog editors
Both are talented in communication - Dianna (Mom) in visual arts, Anne Marie (Daughter) as a classically trained soprano.  They are the creative force behind the printed Catalogs, Blog, Website, Twitter and Facebook content, plus the stunning booth designs at the Flower & Garden shows.