Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lily Bulb Shipping - UPDATE - All Areas

We are continuing to harvest lily bulbs - hand digging lilies in between rainy days,  plus our first frost was on the pumpkins last night – so we are moving fast to have all the bulbs delivered to the coldest states first.  Despite the strange summer weather here in the Pacific Northwest, we actually started shipping only 3 days later than last year and so now 90% the Northern Tier States, Northeast and Mountain area orders on file before October 1st have been mailed.  Yesterday (Friday), we started shipping to warmer areas of the East and Midwest and will be finishing up many of those states through Tuesday – then we start the West Coast addresses and the more recently placed orders no matter what the location. 

Phone and email replies will have a bit of a delay during the next 10 days while Dianna and Anne Marie exhibit at the Tacoma Holiday Food & Gift Festival all next week and Bob oversees both the shipping line and the office.  He will return phone calls and emails as quickly as possible, so please be patient – if you are directed to voice mail during business hours –  it means that either he is answering another call or is out in the packing barn.

Please check the website before ordering, we are updating the database inventory each evening, but some cultivars have only a few bulbs available and there are no more large bulbs in the field for this year, so please make a suggestion for an alternate choice should the need arise.
Don't procrastinate should you want a few more bulbs this fall.  If you would like a Spring 2012 catalog mailed to you (Alaska and lower 48 States only – we do not export) please use this link - Request a Catalog

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