Saturday, September 8, 2012

FREE packet of Purple Poppies - September Special

Just a head's up...

The September special for our newsletter readers will have a special "click on" link for a free packet of Dianna's Purple Poppy Seeds with any new lily bulb order - or by making a $25 or more "add-on" to your existing order - through the month of September.  This freebie is not automatically added, you will need to order the seeds through our website, from our newsletter link after next Tuesday.

If you have never received our free Newsletters and would like to take advantage of this offer, here is our sign up link.  

(Please note that AOL email addresses in the past have not always been properly received from our system, so we suggest using another free email service from Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail.   Just click on one of the services to create a new email address.)


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