Monday, July 22, 2013

Farm is not open to visitors - and why.

This time of year generally brings inquiries about when our farm is open to see the lilies. 

We are a working farm and decided to close the field to visitors 6 years ago - after 27 years of being open all summer.  We were having concerns about privacy and security; some people were treating our home as a public park, so you can imagine the troubles there.  Not to mention the difficulty with people picking "one of a kind" flowers out of the seedling rows to ask their "name".  Makes it a bit hard to do photography or select out new lilies for introduction when flowers go "missing" just at their peak.

If you do not have a copy of our catalog, an electronic version (Flipbook) can be found on our home page, or if you are in the continental USA or in Alaska, we are taking catalog requests for the Spring 2014 printed catalog here.  For visiting with gardeners in person,  also attend several Home & Garden shows, plus major Flower and Garden shows in the Pacific Northwest.

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