Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Part 1: San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

First peek at the Display Gardens - practical plus whimsical ideas.

With only a small digital camera, we cannot fully photograph each garden for you, but will simply focus on an element or two which we found to be nicely done.  To learn more about the inspiration behind each creation, click here.  The garden shots are not named because Dianna only had a few minutes to take photos before the show opened. More photos tomorrow or Friday. 
This smirking dragon guards an array of whimsy.

Never thought to add pine cones to soften the edge of sharp metal...

Greys can be very pretty and restful in the garden.

This nice retaining wall reminds me of crossing the rocky mountains.

Not very practical in rain or high wind, but the umbrellas are a hit.

The old metal implements, ferns and forest "litter" look more like home in Washington,  than Southern California.

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