Thursday, March 22, 2012

Part 2: San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

Weather for the first day of the show was sunny and today it started out a little misty but the inside of the two buildings at the show is definitely spring-like.  (Next week we are in Great Falls, MT and wondering exactly how we'll get there if the Cascade pass at Snoqualmie closes again - it might be a roundabout way through the snow, so we are just enjoying California weather to the fullest.)

Enjoy the photos below - all of the 2012 Show Garden creators did a marvelous job with their spaces.
Seems you can make a fountain our of just about anything and yes, it is the front of an old vehicle.

A little bit of color goes a long way to enliven old found objects.

More "grey"in the landscape - the new neutral for gardens?  White is still popular for wooden structures, picket fences and adobe walls,  but carved rock and natural concrete hard-scape elements make a good backdrop.  Not to mention that in colder, wetter climates, any moss encouraged to grow within the cracks blends nicely into a low cost, low maintenance garden that never needs refinishing.

"Graffiti" artfully placed in the garden. It was a "double take" for us when we realized those large planters were actually trash dumpsters!  Use everything and be creative in the garden.

Even a small outcropping of rock with a few paving stones can become a patio.
Our B&D booth just before the show opened on Wednesday.  The flowers were just starting to open, and by Saturday, our overhead fans will gently blow the Oriental Lily fragrance out into the isles - competing with the orchids and lavender blossoms on either side - such fun for our gardening friends.  We are exhibiting right in the middle of the Fiesta Hall on the main walkway,  rather hard to miss with our bright pink theme.

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